Rangers chief makes Southampton remark Gers fans will love

Rangers chief makes Southampton remark Gers fans will love

Earlier we discussed Ross Wilson’s interesting quote this morning on transfers, and linked players. While we took the angle of his confirming most links were in fact nonsense, it was something else that he said that also stood out:

“One thing I will say though is I’m always amazed about the amount of names linked with Rangers, more than any club I’ve been involved with before.”

More than any club.

Now Wilson has quite a strong history of clubs – Falkirk, Watford, Huddersfield and of course Southampton, and none of these, not even a massive PL side like the Saints could compare for the number of players being linked with them.

What does this tell you?

As we mentioned earlier, clearly agents use Rangers’ name to get their clients exposure, a lot. But there’s something else.

Southampton are a big club, St Mary’s a large stadium of 32K, and a budget far beyond what Rangers (or indeed Celtic) can afford, due to their privileged position of many years in the Premier League in England.

And yet it’s Rangers who have the biggest name, scope, reputation and grandeur in the diddy squat SPL that agents globally use our name to enhance their client’s prospects and chances of getting a big payday.

See, it’s not Rangers these players are coming to, it’s the rich Arab-owned mobs down south or overseas, but the Leicesters and Southamptons of this world just don’t have the history or size of Rangers.

We’re deeply held back by our league, but que sera. And Wilson’s point that less players get linked to a (then) huge Championship side (Huddersfield), another in Watford, or a massive PL one in Southampton than do to Rangers is a sign of both our size, name, and the need for agents to use us.

Backhanded compliment we suppose.

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