Rangers & Celtic shocker could be set to rock SPFL

Rangers & Celtic shocker could be set to rock SPFL

Scottish football has been rocked with the news that Rangers’ reconstruction proposal, which, incidentally, is rather good, has been backed by Celtic.

Rangers have put forth a 14-14-18 structure with two ‘reserve’ Rangers and Celtic teams in League Two, paying a £125K grace charge to help support clubs around them, and the stunning aspect is that while it’s unclear how many clubs overall agree with these proposals, Celtic are right behind them.

We don’t know what their agenda is, or why they’re supporting something to do with Rangers, but they are, and with both Old Firms behind this scheme, you can guarantee 100% it will happen.

Despite the uncertainty over how much support it has in the wider game, if Celtic want it, it happens. We know this, and we’ve seen it.

It’s said to be going to a vote, but that’s just hogwash – it’ll pass, and bribes will be used if needed.

But they won’t – this is Scotland where Celtic get what Celtic want, and the only oddity is just why they actually want to support Rangers’ overhaul.

It’s been dubbed an ‘innovation paper’ and would also see relegation for Hearts and Partick abandoned, so evidently they will back it too, and we guess we’ll see in time how many clubs publicly get behind it.

Interesting times. Again.

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