Imminent £15M bid for key Rangers man

Imminent £15M bid for key Rangers man

Stade Rennais have reportedly prepared a circa £15M bid for Alfredo Morelos as the French giants prepare to make the offer imminently.

Only days after we pointed out Rangers had received no tangible offers for the Colombian, this report has broken, which we find very interesting.

Truthfully Rangers would be likely to attempt to hold out for a little more than the exact £13.5M reported number, with club officials still valuing him around £20M like Celtic’s Dembele, and that would give Steven Gerrard the funds needed to finally start signing real players.

His budget, as always, is in the £10M region as per every summer window, but any sales will be added to that and the sale of a key asset like Morelos with the value he has will absolutely boost what work can be done with the incoming.

We honestly don’t much care about the details of Rennes’ alleged bid, just know that Morelos is for sale at the right price.

And if that’s anything above £15M, that works for us.

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