Get by with a little help from my friends…

Get by with a little help from my friends…

With Neil Doncaster’s inexplicable promotion into the annals of UEFA confirmed, we have to say the response from Ibrox Noise readers to our piece on the subject was overwhelming:

Uncle Peter.

It is well known Peter Lawwell has his fingers in many European pies, and is entrenched with upper levels of European football’s governing body. Doncaster’s ascent was greeted by pretty much the same idea from dozens and dozens of responses.

That Lawwell and Doncaster are in cahoots, and that the SPFL’s rigged vote was rushed through to give Celtic the title in exchange for Peter giving Neil a good word at UEFA and getting him a very cushy promotion.

The Celtic supremo, if you didn’t know, was appointed to UEFA’s Strategic Council for professional football in 2019 – a position that he’ll hold till 2023.

This gives him major clout at some of the highest levels in European football, and it’s not unreasonable to infer he might just have been able to help get his friend a cushy spot on the Disciplinary Council.

Of course, we have no proof, and our claims are purely rhetorical, but Doncaster’s promotion despite his evident incompetence is rather damning one way or the other.

He certainly wasn’t rewarded with such a gig as a result of his stellar performance as SPFL CE anyway.

But, naturally, we’re not making assumptions, nor accusations.

It just doesn’t exactly look especially kosher.

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