Bizarre story ‘linking’ Rangers star with summer bidding war

Bizarre story ‘linking’ Rangers star with summer bidding war

We’re troubled by this Connor Goldson story, linking the big stopper with a move to Leeds or West Ham.

We’re troubled because both clubs have been linked by two pundits talking, as usual, to Clickbait Insider, and neither story has any basis in merit beyond the conjecture of Danny Mills and Alan Hutton.

From there, media groups have inexplicably run with both stories, and Alan Hutton saying Goldson would useful for Leeds has turned into Elland Road boss Bielsa being a reported admirer.

We’re disquieted by a fictional story being given legs in the name of hits and revenue – from what we know, there is absolutely no interest in Goldson at all.

It appears to be nothing more than two ex-players talking to that dodgy site, and saying who they think should be interested in Goldson, which then turns into actual national newspapers quoting the stories as fact.

It’s strange, and it’s a new low for ‘journalism’ to just take someone’s opinion about a player and turn that into an actual link that the club in the opinion is now interested.

Goldson has been a divisive player, and while a lot of fans rate him, many do not, and wouldn’t cry if he was sold.

But unless someone out there knows really differently to us, West Ham and Leeds are not interested at all.

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