Are the papers having a laugh at Rangers’ expense?

Are the papers having a laugh at Rangers’ expense?

We had to laugh at the Sunday Post’s reporting of the Vaclav Hladky story. As we know the Czech stopper is a free agent and work is going into securing his move to Ibrox. Hopefully it’ll work out and he’ll be the new deputy stopper for Allan McGregor, but the ‘giggle’ factor came when the Sunday periodical insisted that once again, Celtic are interested too.

Genuine question, readers:

Can you name the last Rangers transfer target that didn’t have Celtic in the list of interested clubs?

We don’t know if they use the same scouting network or some crazy like that, or if it’s just rampant lazy journalism which lumps Celtic into all our stories too for a headline, but either way it’s tiring.

The moment we see a new name linked, the green and whites show up too – almost every single time without fail.

This entry isn’t really going anywhere, we just wanted to moan.

Let us know in the comments all the players we’re interested in that they’ve NOT been linked to…

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