70% of Rangers fans ‘not happy’…

70% of Rangers fans ‘not happy’…

It’s not often we report the results of a poll this quickly, given we only published the question this morning, but the outcome of the survey we gave you only a few hours ago is already evidently obvious and we wanted to discuss it.

This morning we asked how you felt about the transfer window so far, with nearly a month passed of work done, and the response was as surprising as it was unsurprising.

We gave you three options – great, middling, or not good enough to stop 9.5IAR.

Great scored a measly 7% of the vote, while middling got a marginally better 23%.

This left ‘not good enough’ ramping ahead in your opinion with a ridiculous 70% of the entire vote, a vote which is still very much in the running so is subject, of course, to change.

Ok, so it’s very early days, we have potentially months left of business and Steven Gerrard has this morning addressed the issue of signings, by stating the club philosophy is to find players who can make the XI stronger.

Which we find a little odd – few would claim McLaughlin is better than McGregor, and Bassey superior to Croatia international Borna Barisic?

If the philosophy is already in place, then we’re puzzled by how it’s being implemented, because, as conveyed by Ibrox Noise readers, you don’t think what work has been done is any indicator of a real strengthening of the XI.

Of course, let’s not be too hasty – there’s a tonne of time left, just like Hagi and Kamberi were late in the winter window.

But the early signs aren’t great, so we must just hope for better over the coming weeks and months.

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