“Worst ever” – bold claim by Rangers man

“Worst ever” – bold claim by Rangers man

Rangers’ Managing Director Stewart Robertson has described this SPFL board as the worst running of the game in this country he’s seen since 2003.

Rangers’ main man right now has been vocal in protesting the farcical vote and its outcome, and his suggestion the SPFL has never been run worse than this holds weight in the fact he’s been on the board of it 5 times since the mid-noughties and this is by far the least competent it’s been.

Rangers’ dossier was of course leaked yesterday, with claim and counter claim about its contents and what they mean, but while Robertson says he’s not against the SPFL, or anyone else, his claim it’s not fit for purpose more than rings true.

He said:

“It’s about looking at the governance of the game. I’ve now had five stints on the SPL or SPFL board between 2003 and now – this is the worst the governance has been by a country mile.”

Robertson, we’ve noticed, is one who chooses his words carefully. Remember how cautiously he appraised the SFA when describing how its disciplinarian system had ‘changed’? How he carefully avoided calling out Compliance Officer Clare Whyte, and simply said the system wasn’t doing its job right now and he ‘didn’t know why that was’.

This is him being far more blunt, far more explicit – far more direct – and of course he’s absolutely right. This is the worst running of the SPFL pretty much since its inception in 2001. It is not fit for purpose, and that is clear for anyone neutral to see.

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