Who is paying for Florian Kamberi?

Who is paying for Florian Kamberi?

Strange title, you might think? You might wonder why we’re even asking. Kamberi, of course, is currently in a spot of limbo, being a Hibs player by employment but a Rangers player by loan, with of course his current status being of contention.

But who do you think pays him?

How do loans actually work?

The general conception is the loan club takes the wages, which is surely half the point of them taking the player. What’s the point of loaning a player out if you’re the one paying the wage?

The truth is a little simpler.

We can confirm both clubs do, and it’s common practice.

For example, and we saw the contract with our own eyes, Kamberi’s loan deal at Hibs when he came from Swiss giants Grasshopper was indeed split between both clubs – and while we’ve not seen his Rangers one, chances are Hibs are contributing something there too.

The point?

Never worry about ‘how can we afford the wages’ when it comes to a loan player (think a big name like Defoe) – because the chances are the parent club is still paying a hefty portion of that wage.

As for his future, we’re less sure about that one. He wants to join us, but there’s been no hint from Ibrox yet that he’ll get his wish.

One thing is for certain though, his Hibs career is certainly done.

(as a random aside, Hibs’ Hungarian goalie Adam Bogdan also went through this practice, sources saw his deal too when he was on loan from Liverpool – but in that case it was, and we quote, a ‘token amount’ from Anfield).

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