Thistle attack exposes true corruption of Celtic’s SPFL

Thistle attack exposes true corruption of Celtic’s SPFL

The SPFL have published a vehement denial of Partick Thistle’s accusations, making their response public inside 30 minutes of receiving Thistle’s comments.

And now we wake up.

Yes, Thistle have indeed written directly to the SPFL to complain about the farcical SPFL vote among other things, but without any surprise, because Thistle are not Rangers, the SPFL have not bothered to attack them and indeed have just left their prose unanswered.

As per usual, our disgusting governance, our hypocritical governance, our shameful pretend leaders who have deceived, lied, bribed, duped, manipulated, bullied and postulated, continue to bumble embarrassingly on in their jobs and positions and every day it gets more exposed just how absolutely corrupt they are.

Let’s not beat about the bush – this is corruption of the worst order – there’s no point inferring it or alleging it, this is a premiership uninterested in justice, or ‘right’.

All they want is to save their own worthless hides and to kowtow to their green and white masters and hurt everything to do with Ibrox. No one else matters.

And their absolute ignoring of Thistle’s letter is just the latest example of how it only matters in the SPFL to attack Rangers, no one else.

We’ll cover that in due course but this situation is unprecedented in world football aside FIFA and UEFA, and look how that turned out.

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