The big five – we look at the key questions about Castore

The big five – we look at the key questions about Castore

Everyone and their dog knew Castore would be Rangers’ new kit partner. In every sense – the designer, manufacturer and distributer of next season’s apparel will be the little-known Liverpudlian premium group, and there are some key issues to address and contend with as we look more into this new deal.

No one knows them.

Ok, let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Sir Andy Murray, and even then our country’s star tennis icon’s own profile itself has diminished in the past year or so, no one at all would have a blind clue who Castore are. This is a deal which will raise their profile, absolutely, but it is utterly a risk on Rangers’ part to go with a brand no one knew.

They’re small time.

This is not a big company. This is not an Adidas or a Nike – this is a small-scale outfit who are taking on a massive operation in trying to fulfil thousands upon thousands of pre-orders, which is pressure they’ve never undertaken before. We have major misgivings that they can do it, given Hummel absolutely couldn’t – and the Danes are much larger. We deeply hope our board knows what it is doing here.

They’re premium.

It’s all sounded a bit negative so far, right? One thing is without doubt – Castore are top of the line, marquee, and the quality of the end kit could and should be among the best in our history. Best materials, excellent design, and the manufacturing standards of the highest order. Every chance the new kits could be spectacular with this crew.

The Steven Gerrard thing.

Ok, there’s something a bit odd about Rangers going for a small-time outfit, and the truth is the club aren’t even hiding the Gerrard and Liverpool angle. Are they friends of his? Is there something in it for him? He even included that link in the official club statement. We don’t want jobs for the boys here, we want the best partner Rangers can get.

Under Armour:

Strangely enough it’s another Andy Murray link, because he too used to be with the American giants, but also Spurs as well. Our point? Before London’s giants and Dunblane’s finest took Under Armour on, few in this country knew who they were. But by securing these lucrative deals, they’re now massive in the UK and Europe. That’s what Castore want to emulate, that spotlight on them.

End of the day:

Rangers want to win, and as Ibrox Noise’s Greg put it, couldn’t care less if it’s in bin liners. But of course we do want a kit partner and kit operation worthy of our club, and it’s something we’ve basically not had since 2012. Hopefully this kit will live up to the gamble, and thousands of fans will be happy and proud to wear it, and the team will look resplendent.

No pressure…

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