Surprise result shows Gers fans split down the middle

Surprise result shows Gers fans split down the middle

Amidst our current theme of player values, one reader had replied to criticise Ryan Kent, suggesting he was a flop for the money.

That the £7.5M didn’t look terribly well spent at this point, and indeed another reader argued that Liverpool had ‘seen us coming’ over the signing.

It’s a tough one overall – Kent did cost a lot, and the return for that investment has seen 8 goals and four assists. Sadly, none of these assists were in the bread and butter of the league, but he did nick 7 of his 8 goals on that platform. And of course his winner in Portugal was arguably worth the entire transfer fee alone.

So, we asked you instead – where did you stand on Kent. Flop, or not?

Was he a waste of cash, or was it money well spent?

Sadly, the support was very, very divided on this one. It couldn’t have been much closer if it tried, with 49% arguing he’s a flop, and 51% suggesting he isn’t.

We will suggest when football returns (touch wood) that if Kent doesn’t become a bit more eye-catching, the 49% will probably grow, fairly or otherwise.

We know what fans are like, and they do leap on bad performances – we’d know, we call those same performances out ourselves.

But hopefully the English winger wins over that 49% with some expansive displays and regains his confidence, showing us all unequivocally that he’s worth the money for sure.

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