Stunning SPFL call could change… everything

Stunning SPFL call could change… everything

After England’s Premier League was confirmed as resuming in just over two weeks, it only makes a further mockery of the SPFL’s farcical call to end the SPL and declare a title.

The crisis is definitely receding, and becoming manageable, and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon introduced measures on Thursday which facilitate the further improvements in the situation and lend themselves to the reintroduction of a number of key things which can get society moving again.

And in England, like an increasing numbers of European leagues such as Germany, football will be back in little over 15 days.

Which makes the SPFL’s decision look even worse.

But guess what.

We’re willing to give them a chance.

Reverse the decision, and play the season out. Let Celtic try to win it legitimately, let Rangers try to stop them, and regain some desperately-needed credibility by doing the sensible thing.

Closed-door football as will be done down south, as is being done in the Bundesliga – the situation now under more control, and being dealt with better than it ever was means football, like it or not Neil and Neil, can now be played in a controlled manner.

There is zero reason Scotland cannot replicate what is happening in England and Germany, and play tightly controlled closed door football.

But then, Celtic aren’t guaranteed the win are they?

Go on SPFL, prove us wrong – do what’s right by football rather than your agendas.

Do that, and you’ll earn a sliver of respect.

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