“Strange” – Gerrard’s shock hint might disappoint Rangers fans

“Strange” – Gerrard’s shock hint might disappoint Rangers fans

In some actual football news, a portion of Rangers fans might be a little disappointed that Steven Gerrard has admitted he effectively has no idea what went wrong this season for Rangers, and no real idea where to fix it.

While extolling the virtues of certain performances, Gerrard revealed he’s not sure why the team didn’t perform overall, in an insight that smacks of a definite lack of direction on his part about how to cure the deteriorating displays.

He said:

“I’d be lying if I said I’m sitting here now with the formula because I think when that happens, sometimes it’s a combination of things. The strange thing was in the middle of it all we were still finding some performances and the likes of Braga, who are a fantastic team. We were doing so well in one competition and finding inconsistency in another.”

It’s not overly heartening to hear the manager admitting he really doesn’t know why the team isn’t playing well, consistently.

He went on with a further curious comment:

“But look, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that when that does happen you need to find better players, keep making the squad and the team as strong as you can, keep moving it along in the right direction.”

So, his solution is better players? He spent £25-£30M in two years and has decided his entire recruitment plan didn’t work?

It’s definitely not the steadfast certain answer we looked for – ‘I don’t know why things went south but we need better players’.

Every team needs better players, that’s nothing new. We really hope he’s just ‘saying’ this and has a more structured plan to improve things, because saying he doesn’t really know and we need better signings is both bizarre and a bit of a slight on his own recruitment.

Hopefully it’s something out of nothing.

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