SPFL to produce 200-page dossier on Rangers’ ‘threatening behaviour’…

SPFL to produce 200-page dossier on Rangers’ ‘threatening behaviour’…

The SPFL vote farce descended into even more spitting hate and rage last night after Douglas Park, arguably the most dignified suit in Scottish football, was accused of threatening SPFL CEO Neil Doncaster.

In what can only be described as the league body’s best attempt at turning an accusation on its head by claiming ‘he did it too’, Park is alleged to have made ‘threatening’ overtures towards Doncaster including a very serious accusation (likely true, of course).

Rangers have of course accused the SPFL of various types of poor conduct, including bullying, so the governing body have evidently decided to throw the accusation right back, and we’ll assume they have a dossier ready to prove their side of the story.

After all, when any accusation is made, it is now imperative in Scottish football that a 200-page dossier is compiled containing 100% hard proof of all claims, because obviously Rangers’ failed to contain anything and the SPFL are so much better than that.


So, yes, the murky state of our laughing stock league only got worse last night with both this and Gary Deans’ statement and it has become clear this country’s football association is completely embedded in faeces.

A deep clean is needed, and the sooner the better.

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