Shock European developments may just have changed everything… SPFL take note…


The SPFL got a shocker today after Dutch sides De Graffschap and Cambuur FAILED in a legal court case against the Dutch FA over their decision to null and void the season.

Both second division sides were in line for a promotion to the Eredivisie, and following Dutch chiefs’ call to invalidate the campaign, neither will now go up, and lose out on the plunder a promotion brings.

Now, where’s the relevance to the SPFL?

Well we have talked many times about how Rangers (and Hearts and Stranraer et al) could have a feasible case for taking the SPFL’s rigged vote to court, and so on the surface the Dutch decision could suggest that Rangers would fail under the rule of law.

Not so.

Remember, the Dutch pair were appealing AGAINST a decision to go null and void, and it was thrown out, meaning the eyes of the court believe null and void is the only legal outcome feasible.

Which means in fact Rangers’ case against this preposterous decision is strengthened – in the courts, null and void has been ruled the only valid case, and while it’s a different country and their own laws, it does suggest something else major which rules even MORE in favour of Rangers.

And we’ll have that one for you in the next piece.

This interesting saga rumbles on.