Scottish Cup farce makes mockery of SPFL stance

Scottish Cup farce makes mockery of SPFL stance

Article by: Derek

So, the plan is to play the Scottish Cup next year.

Haven’t the brains at the top thought this through?

A precedent has already been set, and that is the team the SPFL or SFA believe is the best should be automatically given the prize.

That means Celtic should be given the trophy, even though this time it’s an SFA trophy, because Celtic believe they richly deserve it.

In fact, there is no need to play next year, because Celtic should automatically be given that trophy too.

And while we are at it, why not give Celtic the next 10 league titles as well.

Legally, this is what happens when absurd decisions are made to please just one side.

The ones at the top now have the right to make any decision, any way they want in any active competition.

And that now brings me to my question. The question is why the difference in the league? Why rush to a decision, when UEFA had given no advice?

With a glut of other leagues unable to finish, or being cancelled or being outright resumed, only France went this route, based on government banning of sport till September. That didn’t happen in the UK.

Could it be possible instead that there were 30,000,000 reasons dangling in front of them? One would hope not….

…..but only an investigation would be able to know that for sure.

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