Rangers, Ross Wilson and the £5M plan

Rangers, Ross Wilson and the £5M plan

There was a lot of talk yesterday about DoF Ross Wilson confirming nothing has been decided yet on the future of Romania’s Ianis Hagi, which is very telling indeed.

The decision, of course, is Rangers’ – we have first refusal on a permanent deal costing around £4.5M-£5M, but the most revealing fact is Wilson hasn’t rejected the idea.

Wilson, of course, doesn’t have final say, but he will be responsible for negotiations, and he will know whether Rangers have the money or not. He’d have known that for months. And certainly will now.

And the fact the current season appears to be over and he’s not said Hagi won’t be staying does hint that Rangers do have the money but just haven’t made the final decision yet.

What does it boil down to?

Whether Rangers feel the attacker is worth the investment and could be sold on a good profit down the line.

Hagi, of course, is very young indeed – 21-years old and his whole career ahead of him. The reason the lad hasn’t shone to the top of football despite his clear ability is his surprising lack of medium-distance pace, and that’s why he didn’t quite crack Belgium’s Jupiler league and how Rangers were able to get him on loan with a first refusal to buy.

He’s still an exceptional talent, but Rangers, sadly, are a selling club who usually can’t hold onto our best assets because of the league we’re in.

And we suspect the mooted plan over Hagi is to sign him, and sell him fairly quickly at a profit, as long as he’s happy with the proceedings.

A player with his ability isn’t planning to stay in the SPL long, and we know big European clubs are looking at him.

But Wilson’s failure to suggest Hagi won’t stay does imply the money is there to do the opposite.

It’s just whether Rangers do so or not.

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