Rangers might just be finished in the SPL

Rangers might just be finished in the SPL

One thing is absolutely clear from this morning’s latest feud between Rangers and the SPFL – Rangers are inevitably finished in Scotland.

There is no way Rangers can play on in this country, with an SPFL board that is rigged publicly against them, and member clubs who are 95% our enemies.

The dispute this morning hiked with stronger rhetoric than before. The governing body angrily debunked Rangers’ claims via frankly illegal consumption of documents they weren’t supposed to have, and Rangers responded by defiantly confirming we won’t be bullied.

The SPFL and Rangers have now gained a 100% untenable relationship and it has become drastically impossible for Rangers to continue our football under this FA and this football league.

Rangers already have strain with the Scottish branch of the BBC, and the SFA are hardly our mates either.

Add the increasingly tempestuous relationship with the SPFL and the rigged members inside it, and we just cannot see now how Rangers can possibly continue in the SPL unless all the board members change and we get a drastic overhaul.

And that’s not going to happen.

It’s time to move to England.

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