Rangers exploited again as media group takes advantage

Rangers exploited again as media group takes advantage

Rangers have once again been used for hits after Alan Hutton’s proclamation that Rangers should move for Leeds’ Barry Douglas was turned into Rangers being linked for the 30-year old LB as a Borna Barisic replacement.

Let’s be clear, Rangers have shown ZERO interest in the boyhood Bear, and the usual site (that we won’t name) first made claims Leeds were listening to offers a few days ago, then wheeled out Hutton again to say Rangers should move.

This has turned into Rangers being linked with the player, which is just BS.

They have history for these kinds of stories, where they contrive a link, claim an exclusive, then before you know it it’s spread all over social media as a real and tangible story, and it just isn’t.

We are no hypocrites – we have recommended many players down the years that we’ve felt various managers of our club should move for, but we’ve never claimed any of those stories were factual – just our own conjecture and scouting.

Whereas if you look online today, aforementioned site seems to have spread the idea of this suggestion as being real, and their repeated use of Alan Hutton’s endorsements isn’t helping with the truth.

It’s not fair, and it’s not right, and it’s just complete nonsense.

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