Rangers appear to be counting down till big sale

Rangers appear to be counting down till big sale

The media are once again on about Alfredo Morelos lately, with some claiming Amanda Staveley’s imminent take over of Newcastle will hurt the sale, others saying it will boost it.

But we will say this – we’re hearing stories about whoever signs him, and it’s starting to look like the sale is completely inevitable, will not be able to get him as cheap as is being presumed.

The reality remains that while things are changing worldwide, despite that situation Rangers still intend to get the most value of a sale of the Colombian.

Remember, he remains 23-years old, a Coffee Men international and his season up till January had propelled his value into the-then £50M+ region.

His performances in the UEL were magnificent, they were world class, and his goals tally second to none.

And while we’d be happy enough on this site with a sale at a more modest number, the club seem keen on securing the highest value possible, inciting a bidding war come the open of the window.

Because the more we start to talk about football’s resumption, the more England’s rich clubs especially look to bring in talent next month onwards.

And Morelos is high on that list for a number of clubs down south in particular.

Amount? God knows, in truth. At this point we’re anywhere between £5M and £30M.

But the talk about his future has definitely ramped up the past half week, and he certainly sent out a sign of his intentions in a social media post recently. Subtle, mind you.

The issue we have is who’s the striker we go forward with? We’ll have that in a later piece for you, but we do feel now we’re counting down till the departure of the Colombian.


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