Overhaul – five ‘free’ players ready for Stevie G

Overhaul – five ‘free’ players ready for Stevie G

Our earlier piece on Ross McCrorie reminded us of one pertinent thing – the potentially free freshening up of the squad as a result of returning loan talent and use of frozen-out stars.

When we look at the quality of player temporarily contracted elsewhere or ignored, we do both question the decisions to put them out, but more importantly look forward to them coming back.

Look at some of the potential boosts to the squad:

Greg Docherty, Jamie Murphy, Ross McCrorie, Jordan Jones and Robby McCrorie are probably the jewels here who at the very least would push for a squad place or even a starting shirt.

Then there some squad content like Jamie Barjonas and Glenn Middleton who have the quality to develop, but we’re more interested in the above five.

All five of those would push the existing squad, and frankly we’d be no weaker for at least three or even four of them in the starting XI:

Docherty over Aribo.

Murphy over Ojo.

Ross McCrorie over Kamara.

Jones pushing Kent and rotating with him. Or playing alongside.

And Robby as imminent replacement for McGregor although we certainly understand our young keeper’s need to keep developing and not rot on our bench as Foderingham replacement.

The point is there’s talent here – quality. Good players that are ours that either we don’t bother with or that we punted out on loan.

And we are really excited by the idea of five quality players, we already own, coming back and completely freshening up a very stale squad.

Which of these five get in your Rangers XI?

Greg Docherty
Ross McCrorie
Robby McCrorie
Jamie Murphy
Jordan Jones
All five
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