Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Just one piece of ex-manager now remains at Ibrox

With yesterday’s exodus fresh in the mind, Rangers have just made a dramatic statement:

After five years, James Tavernier is now the only Mark Warburton signing left at Ibrox, and frankly many fans are probably wondering how he not only avoided the cut all these years, but indeed ascended to captain.

But aside an assassination of our RB’s ability, yesterday’s confirmation of 6 players headed out is very much a statement of progress.

That all players signed in 2015 (apparently aside Tavernier) and some of those captured in 2016 are and were simply not good enough for the purposes of SPL football.

Former chairman Dave King made the misguided comment that Rangers were building an SPL-ready side back in 2015, fit for that level, by signing players from SPL sides and Championship/League One sides. Clearly he was wildly wrong, unless he meant an SPL side that wouldn’t be relegated immediately.

And yesterday saw the final nail in the coffin for the ambitions of five years ago as the (nearly) last remnants of that summer of 2015’s influx were shipped out.

2016 saw Jak Alnwick and Jordan Rossiter added to the mix, while 2018 added Jon Flanagan, but it’s the final pieces of the Warby puzzle that have now been removed as Rangers set about trying to compile a squad truly good enough to win the league next season.

The hype over Rangers’ promotion was OTT – Bread Man’s squad was way way overrated – assembled at a high cost, and with defending forgotten, it was able to breeze through the Championship making everyone, even the majority of the SPL, think this side could actually do things in the top flight.

Not with players like Jason Holt, sadly.

We wish him and his five fellow departees well, but we really hope this summer sees the kind of quality come in that can take the fight to Celtic the whole season, and not just for one month.

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