It’s time to move on

It’s time to move on

We covered recently how Alfredo Morelos is almost certainly leaving, and his social media post made no mention of Rangers, just of his country, and tellingly, his agent.

It’s quite a swipe at his club to highlight the guy/group he pays to get him the best club and deal over the club that has made him a star, and we’re not super keen on it.

Indeed, latest sports betting markets, among others, tell us that his time at Ibrox is coming to an end, but did he really have to exclude Rangers in such a post?

That even his agent got a mention above his club gives some idea of the esteem he holds us in, and the lack of class towards us he’s shown.

Whatever happened in Dubai, whatever didn’t, he came back a different player, and clearly one who had fallen out of love with the Scottish game – the effort was gone, the gumption was missing, and now Rangers are in a position to sell him quite enthusiastically.

The fact Steven Gerrard hasn’t once countered his departure stories this calendar year tells you what he thinks of the Colombian’s contribution now.

And the sooner Rangers can move on from it and him the better quite honestly.

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