Former near-£15M man monitored – would only cost £3M for Stevie now

Former near-£15M man monitored – would only cost £3M for Stevie now

And no, we hadn’t forgotten about Saido Berahino.

Once again this interesting name is being linked with a switch to Rangers, in a combination of two things:

The club’s genuine desperation to replace Alfredo Morelos with a ‘big’ name.

Lazy journos connecting 2+2 to give 5 and plucking a headline.

First off, we can’t lie – Berahino is a player. He is. 8 in 22 for his current employers Zulte Waragem, plus 3 assists is no rotten number.

He’s a born striker and while his past few seasons in England weren’t great, his second campaign nailed 14 goals in 38 for a struggling West Brom in that top flight down south.

12 caps for his country (Burundi) is respectable, and he’s been in top-flight football, give or take, for 8 years.

Which is frightening given he’s only 26.

This is a striker who knows how to score.

So, on the surface, it’s not bad.

Unfortunately his career has had massive controversy attached, with repeated issues about attitude and poor conduct. He does seem like the Burundi England-based Mario Balotelli – a nice guy but one who gets in funks and the wrong crowd. Usual deal really.

Indeed that is probably the reason that aged 26 he’s consigned to Belgium rather than a major European league like he once ‘graced’.

Are Rangers really in for him?

Well his market value is nowhere near the near-£13M he was once at, just because his stock has faded and he’s hit 26 now. It’s said to be sub-£3M and it’s true Rangers could and have done worse.

But do we really want another Alfredo Morelos?

Let us know.

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