For the first time since 2015… 5 years in the making at Ibrox…

For the first time since 2015… 5 years in the making at Ibrox…

Speaking of Florian Kamberi, the developing story yesterday of Ianis Hagi’s reported permanent recruitment at Ibrox means for the first time since Mark Warburton brought in Spurs’ Nathan Oduwa during summer 2015, Rangers have technically zero loan players on our payroll.

The Albanian/Swiss aside, and his status is certainly up in the air now, Rangers don’t have any loan players wasting our time disgracing the shirt and frankly we’d like it to remain that way.

Not that Kamberi was or is a disgrace to our shirt, quite the opposite in fact, but other than he, Davis, Defoe and arguably Hagi, Jamie Murphy, Declan John and Ryan Kent, Rangers’ use of the loan market the past 5 years has been diabolical, with ‘youth product’ after ‘youth product’ arriving here and bringing nothing.

See, as we say, there have been a few little exceptions here – but when it comes to the young players especially, the sub-23 year olds, the ‘academy’ loans, only Kent, Hagi and John were anything other than a complete waste of time. Some might try to make a case for Joe Worrall but that’s pushing it.

And now we have maybe just Kamberi still on our books, kind of.

We know few disagree – we get regular complaints from readers pointing out how rotten the majority of loan players have been and how fed up they get when another Liverpool academy player is linked to Rangers.

The Pedro Chirivella story attracted a little derision because he’s another Anfield kid.

And of course Sheyi Ojo was absolutely horrendous.

We do wonder when our managers will learn the lesson for good and stop borrowing subpar kids from other clubs – we praised the club for improving the loan use last season – until Hagi and Kamberi in January, Ojo was indeed the only new loan brought in the last 12 months.

But look at the difference between Hagi, Kamberi and Ojo: Hagi, a Romanian international, Kamberi, arguably Hibs’ best player and experienced in the SPL, and Ojo, a guy who couldn’t cut it at Fulham.

If we have to use the loan market, let’s keep to the Hagis, Kents and Kamberis of this world, and less of the Ojos.

We deserve a lot better than him.

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