Dutch shock gives SPFL unexpected ‘bonus’….

Dutch shock gives SPFL unexpected ‘bonus’….

As we mentioned earlier, De Graffschap and Cambuur failed in a court bid to have ‘null and void’ from the Dutch FA overruled.

We mentioned before how this had major implications for Rangers, for the SPFL, and we suggested that there was something significant further that this brought to the table, and that is one simple word which has now risen for the first time in this new world:


That’s right – until today, everything was a strange new world, with no one knowing where they stood, with no precedent to guide them.

That all changed when the first major court case was brought over the Dutch decision, and failed.

Now we have an example to look at, learn from, and understand the ramifications of its outcome – null and void retained, a challenge terminated, and a barometer of what other countries are doing with regards this unprecedented situation.

It’s the first time we’ve had a guide, a previous incident to compare to, and it changes a whole hell of a lot.

No longer can we say this hasn’t happened before, and no longer can we say it’s completely new. It’s happened in Holland, and they made a league decision, which was challenge in the courts, and which won on the basis of what they decided.

Now we have a-priori to work with, and there’s major note in the outcome.

SPFL, if you think you’re getting away with this, the Dutch would suggest otherwise.

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