Does Rangers’ dossier show bullying? Why yes! And here it is.

Does Rangers’ dossier show bullying? Why yes! And here it is.

So it’s the morning after the day before, and Rangers’ dossier is now in the public domain, at least some of it.

The biggest question being asked is where is the evidence of bullying? Or bribery? Or coercion?

Well, it only takes a few pages to find the portion of text which makes the claim:

Page 7:

Behaviour of SPFL Legal Advisor:

RMcK (Rod MacKenzie) issued four “cease and desist” requests to the Rangers chairman (Douglas Park) on the evening of Friday 10 April and the morning of Saturday April 11 the final one of which said:

“Can we not simply resolve this by a confirmation that such an allegation will not be repeated in connection with these events and that the suggested course of action will not be proceeded with?”

Naturally, we don’t have a copy of the email in which this statement was made, but this is the exact comment that Park stated Rangers will not be bulled into silence via.

It’s inferred threats, asking that Rangers shut their mouth (allegation) so the suggested SPFL response will not happen (sanctions/ramifications).

And Rangers didn’t tolerate that line of conduct.

The problem with this of course is Rangers need to actually provide the email containing this – which is something we don’t have to hand.

But then, given the reaction to all non-Rangers fans to this dossier, we suspect publishing the hard proof itself won’t make any difference.

Either they ignore it, or they deny there’s anything important in there.

They’re not interested in reading. Just denying. So forget the evidence making an iota of difference.

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