Did SPFL just break the law?

Did SPFL just break the law?

We had to laugh at the SPFL’s statement in response to the dossier they weren’t even supposed to have. The statement compiled and released within two minutes of the story breaking that 41 member clubs had received the evidence.

The staggering brass neck of our governing body to not only debunk Rangers’ evidence as poppycock (what else were they going to say) but to have the absolute gall to admit they’ve effectively stolen the document and have read it.

It’s up there with a president of a country stealing a legal case against him then publishing a rebuttal before he could even reasonably have read it.

But hey, in this new Trump world, that stuff goes.

So the SPFL can happily ‘read’ a document that categorically proves everything and just completely deny it all anyway.

But it’s the staggering front to not only seize an illegal document, but to admit it in the first place then debunk it that really is a new level, at least for Scotland.

Rangers have waged war on the SPFL, and the battle is only getting worse.

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