12pt, 13pt, 25pt? How football was destroyed

12pt, 13pt, 25pt? How football was destroyed

As Ibrox Noise’s Natalie put it in an earlier entry, this domestic season is quite simply invalid.

Her example was clear – if Rangers had continued their form and created a gap around March of circa 5 points, there is simply no way on this planet the title would have been awarded to us.

It opens up a can of worms to decide the season with it not being close to mathematically impossible to close the gap.

The only league in Europe which could have had an excuse to award the title was the ridiculous runaway leaders in England, Liverpool, who had a completely and surely unassailable lead – and yet EVEN THERE, PL bosses did and are doing all they can to finish the season.

Not even a 25-point lead sees the PL chiefs wanting to call it early and award to Liverpool, even though every side in England and every fan in England would conceded it fairly and that they ‘deserve’ it. Which they do, of course.

But in Scotland, the lead was half of that, and the maths were nowhere near as conclusive as they were for the Anfield effort.

Would Celtic have collapsed? Would Rangers have come back? Would… IT DOESN’T MATTER!

It was still 100% mathematically possible for Rangers to win the league, and you cannot end the league and award it to one team who could still feasibly be caught.

We could point to the French example, and say yes, the French FA gave it to PSG – and guess what? Sides in France are absolutely livid about it and the losses it’s causing them. So why on earth would the SPFL opt for that unpopular solution?!

But the point is you simply cannot declare any tournament or title anything other than null and void if it hasn’t been mathematically secured.

The French FA got it wrong, and faced with that precedent, and the outrage, why on earth would the SPFL do the same thing?


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