Why did the SPFL target Dundee?

Why did the SPFL target Dundee?

Ever wonder why the most powerful club in Scotland became Dundee, for a time? Ever wonder why the SPFL targeted them more than anyone else as the team they’d force to change their vote?

Everything was in place, yet Dundee weren’t the only Championship side to say no to the motion the SPFL offered, yet they were the one Neil Doncaster and co pressed to change their mind.

Why was this?

Digging a little deeper shows a truly corrupt system of bribery and intimidation, and you only have to look at the league table of Scotland’s second tier to understand why the Dee were used.

Fourth-placed Ayr also voted no, but their owner Lachlan Cameron penned a strongly worded statement condemning the vote and reconstruction, meaning there was no leverage with them. Even despite losing out on an easy promotion by way of reconstruction, they said no to it. For them, null and void was the only way forward, even if it meant in every way losing out on going up.

But Dundee? They were pliable. They were ripe for the bribe, and ripe for exploiting in their third-place championship slot.

The Dens side had given no public statement for or against the motion, but clearly had voted no – but with their position publicly seeming neutral, the SPFL decided to use Dundee instead and fudged their no vote.

Both they and Ayr had equally voted no, but only Dundee were exploited.

Because they could be.

This dingy situation gets darker and murkier every day.

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