Using a crisis – a dark and seedy game at the SPFL

Using a crisis – a dark and seedy game at the SPFL

The seedy and underhand behaviour exposed by both Rangers and a number of Scottish journalists of this ‘vote’ paints a worrying picture of a bullying culture in the Scottish game, dominated exclusively by Celtic and the SPFL.

On Ibrox Noise we’ve seen nothing but Celtic fans come on and spread poison and abuse about Rangers and about their prospects.

And the most worrying thing?

Celtic and the SPFL are clearly exploiting a crisis for their own ends, using uncertainty and fear to alienate supporters of anyone bar the green and white by contriving and coercing a particular outcome.

It’s some of the worst case of abusing a dreadful situation for someone’s own gain, and it’s evident that the heads of the SPFL have a lot of explaining to do.

We cannot account for the SFA – they are less a target of criticism right now because this isn’t their vote, not their jurisdiction. But we assume they will have some level of influence.

But certainly the SPFL, certainly Neil Doncaster who is strongly accused by Rangers of neglect and unfit performance.

All in the name of ‘fixing’ our game to get us through our difficult times?

Don’t make us laugh – they’re using an international tragedy for nefarious purposes.

Very damning and very poor.

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