The SPFL farces just keep coming – latest ridiculous twist in saga

The SPFL farces just keep coming – latest ridiculous twist in saga

Scottish football has been rocked again by the latest farce in the SPFL vote shambles following what feels like an infinite conveyer belt of bad jokes in recent days.

The latest nonsense is Dundee’s apparent inability to change their vote, and consequent negotiations on league reconstruction.

The legal action sought by Partick may have been the catalyst for SPFL chiefs to try to find an alternative route to just awarding Celtic the title and avoiding a court case, but this thing has had more twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti so your guess is actually as good as ours.

But now the latest direction is apparent negotiations on turning the SPL into a 14 or 16-team league, in an endeavour to avoid legal action from Hearts as well, stopping them being relegated, still giving promotion to the top sides in the Championship and null and voiding the drops throughout the divisions.

It’s a complete cavalcade of blunders, one after the other, and the public admission of bribery to persuade Dundee to go to a yes vote only enhanced the incompetence.

In truth, we have never been against a bigger SPL – a larger league with more teams and less repetition isn’t the worst outcome, but of course would reconstruction lead to an outcome for this current season?

The uselessness of those in power really takes the cake in this country – they literally do not know what they’re doing.

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