The real decision maker over the SPFL

The real decision maker over the SPFL

After all the hoo hah about what UEFA have or have not said, the immediate destiny of the SPFL fate this season is not in the governing body’s hands, or that of the member clubs:

It’s in the hands of the Scottish government, no one else.

The crucial part is that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that large events, and indeed events period, are banned for many months to come.

In itself this can be negotiated by playing football behind closed doors, but the FM poured cold water over that too by stating that anything which might cause people to gather (at a house or pub (when they reopen) to watch it live on TV, for example) is a risk and will probably be axed too.

Meaning professional football cannot be played in this country, period, for potentially months.

Now, this doesn’t mean strictly that Celtic are awarded the title, it just means the government have currently outlawed what UEFA are recommending, that nations find a way to finish football on the pitch.

Whatever UEFA want doesn’t matter when a nation’s government has decreed otherwise, but before Celtic types reading this (we can see you) get all excited, it only means the country has to decide, firmly, how to end this season completely.

And that’s the bit we’re completely stuck at.

Because UEFA still have to approve what is decided, otherwise our clubs lose out on European football and our country on international football.

So, the government decides what happens, then UEFA must approve that for the affected clubs to still obtain future continental football.

Simple, eh?

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