Steven Gerrard slams ‘cover up’ as SPFL farce continues

Steven Gerrard slams ‘cover up’ as SPFL farce continues

Steven Gerrard has castigated the SPFL’s inept vote and pointed out glaring inadequacies about the upcoming internal investigation which scream of a cover up.

The Rangers manager, currently isolated at home like the rest of us, was speaking this morning about the situation, and he did not hold back, slamming the SPFL and accusing them ‘of marking their own homework’.

This is off the back of the rest of Scottish football slamming Rangers and Douglas Park over the ‘evidence’ the chairman claims to have of a rigged vote, and we’d have to say it’s a bit rich for the SPFL, and chairman Murdoch MacLennan in particular, to demand evidence to be publicly demonstrated but will not tolerate a similar investigation into the vote’s endemically flawed and likely corrupt processes.

Like Gerrard says, their holding an internal enquiry into the botched vote is tantamount 100% to a total cover up, keeping the dirty laundry in-house and refusing to be held to account like any other organisation.

The SPFL here are acting like they’re above the law and that they’re not answerable to the same rules as the rest of us.

It’s just yet another stain on another day of farce, ridicule, lies, bribery and intrigue in the Scottish game, and we’d ask you to get the popcorn out but we’re starting to run low.

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