SPFL vote descends further into chaos among confirmed ‘bribery’ scandal

SPFL vote descends further into chaos among confirmed ‘bribery’ scandal

Just when you thought this SPFL vote and Scottish football couldn’t plunge further into farce, it gets publicly confirmed that Dundee are indeed being bribed to give Celtic the title.

Honestly, even writing that and reading it back by yours truly leaves us flabbergasted that a team is literally being bribed publicly, without a hint of shame, to vote yes to the proposal and give Celtic the title.

That the governing bodies are doing everything in their power to ensure Celtic are crowned the champions, and that they will make sure the Dee are well rewarded to change their vote.

Dundee, who only a day or so ago confirmed they’d be down £5M and close to extinction if they voted yes, are now being publicly ‘incentivised’ (a nice shiny word for bribed) to vote in favour of the SPFL’s motion, and it doesn’t matter how many times we repeat that, the utter brass neck of it continues to be jawdropping.

It might not reportedly be money, but it effectively is with several ‘incentives’ being offered them including some friendlies with Premiership teams, and we wouldn’t exactly be shocked to see Dundee getting a bunch of Celtic loans over the next year or so…

Yes, Scottish football is utterly corrupt, and they’re not even hiding it any more.

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