SPFL could be about to tear Scottish football apart forever

SPFL could be about to tear Scottish football apart forever

Forget the Liverpool comparisons, forget the fact Liverpool are close to winning the PL as well, this is the SPL and it’s a completely different set of rules, morals and dictates.

With the SPFL set to award the league to Celtic if the sides in the vote cannot decide it for themselves, the governing body is nearing the tip of a precedent that there’ll be no coming back from, and which could permanently destroy the top flight.

Make no mistake, our powers-that-be are close to 100% ruination of the domestic game as a result of this appalling development:

Don’t get us wrong, we knew Celtic being awarded the title was a possibility, but not only was it absolutely not one we accepted, but the manner of this particular route is clearly corrupt, incompetent and downright shabby.

Let’s not forget, this current path will also see current relegation sides go down without any chance to fight their way out – and that’s arguably even more dangerous than Celtic being given the title by default.

Sporting integrity is on the line with this one, and our leaders are close to violating every protocol possible and undermining the base structure of our game for good.

It’s not just, as we say, Celtic being gifted a title they didn’t earn, it’s the fact a clutch of sides are about to be decimated by a relegation they weren’t given any out from. Hearts especially are in real trouble with a relegation – this isn’t like the last time, when the world was a very different place. This one could hit them 10 times harder thanks to the current climate (or lack of).

This is also not like Liverpool who have been by miles the best side in the PL and are only 6 points from the league. Celtic didn’t establish themselves till deep into February after Rangers’ collapse, and up till then the league had been close to a two-horse race.

No, this is really the future of Scottish football on the line with this one, and the SPFL could be about to rip it up by its roots.

Not clever.

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