SPFL chief makes farce statement – absolute joke

SPFL chief makes farce statement – absolute joke

It’s funny, looking at the fallout from yesterday’s flabbergasting news that Dundee had been bribed into changing their vote into a yes, it turns out only two groups of people are happy with this:

Celtic and Dundee United. We’ll discuss the Utd story later, and boy is there a story to discuss, but the Celtic celebrations are frankly hilarious, and none more so that all-new raging tim leader Murdoch MacLennan who has been thrust into the spotlight and seems determined to make the most of it.

His statement of triumph over the vote being ‘resolved’ said more about his own allegiances than it did about fairness, and included a scathing attack on Rangers implying they were one of the clubs unhappy with the outcome.

How very dare we oppose a rigged vote!

But his comments pretty much regaled the process with praise, saying it had been quick and decisive, which rather indicts his competency for office and implies, counter to our conjecture of his neutrality, that he is pretty much raging green and white and is delighted they and Utd are the two top tier ‘champions’.

There is basically no hope for anything other than a biased pro-Celtic regime in this country with guys like him in office.

The green and white hordes have infiltrated all the governing bodies, some more subtly than others, and decisions are now made with their best interests in mind.

The partiality and fairness of a neutrally-run Scottish game is a thing of the past, and the day a chairman calls ‘that’ vote a decisive and quick one is the day all hope is lost.

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