Some Celtic fans have made a shock title admission

Some Celtic fans have made a shock title admission

While we’ve been inundated with a lot of our green and white friends trying to rub in 9IAR, their tainted 9IAR, there are a few who are also objecting to being handed something they haven’t earned.

Indeed, one fan today, insisting on being on a Rangers fansite, stated that us Bears aren’t grasping reality, and that Celtic fans don’t want gifted this title.

That for them they want to win legitimately, and that just being handed it by default is for them cheap.

To be fair, the majority on our channels (we can’t get rid of all of them) don’t appear to subscribe to this slightly more dignified approach, choosing instead to wind Rangers fans up over a 9th title.

But the truth is awarding Celtic the title not only undermines the Scottish game, but a good 70% of the whole fanbase of the Scottish game don’t want to see it. Only a portion of Parkhead’s finest appears to, while many of them actually don’t.

In short, going this route would be deeply, deeply unpopular, and even some fans in the east are among that.

It’s a dangerous precedent to go down, and undermines future seasons – any team clear at this point in the season can legally ask for the league to be handed them given it was done before.

If that’s the kind of future Scottish football is in for it’s only ending up a bigger farce than it currently is.

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