Rangers prepare to “blow SPFL wide open”

Rangers prepare to “blow SPFL wide open”

After Rangers, Stranraer and Hearts succeeded in securing an EGM last night, there’s no doubt developments in the SPFL are at a critical juncture.

While there’s been a great deal of hype about Rangers’ ‘evidence’ against the SPFL over improper conduct, the Ibrox side have been deliberately coy and only teased about the nature of that evidence and when they’d use it.

Indeed, a great deal of Scottish football abused Rangers over this, including SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan who demanded that evidence be submitted (because doing THAT works so well these days…) or Rangers’ accusations be retracted.

Safe to say Rangers ignored this blatant Celtic sympathiser and have decided to wait till the time was right to make maximum impact.

And that time is now impending.

Rangers have now confirmed the evidence will be delivered in advance of this EGM, and there really is a storm brewing.

Could this smoking gun be the grenade which utterly ruins those in power in the Scottish game?

Rangers have sat on this proof for some time, weighing up options, refusing to buckle and just ‘hand it over’ – instead there is a real chance now for some maximum impact and as we alluded to in earlier entries, and if Rangers can prove real conspiracy and this evidence conveys the darkest secrets the club has alluded to, we’re talking blowing the whole thing wide open in Scotland.

This could be a sea of major change at the highest levels, if Rangers’ whistleblow proves as dangerous to the Scottish game as we suspect.

Brace yourselves!

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