Rangers have SPFL on the ropes after latest shock reveal

Rangers have SPFL on the ropes after latest shock reveal

Explosive developments tonight have revealed the SPFL is on the ropes, following a number of key events over the past 24 hours threatening to completely ruin an entity of Scottish football down to its core.

Rangers of course allegedly have critical information pertaining to the appalling mismanagement and corruption of the recent SPFL vote, and now 6 board members have demanded the dossier.

The seventh and final board member of the SPFL is of course our own Stewart Robertson.

However, the crucial part is the SPFL’s backpedalling in claiming mistakes have been made due to furloughing of staff members, and their claims the legal costs of defending themselves will stop their being able to fund clubs.

These are truly staggering developments.

First off, it’s evident now the governing body realises the evidence Rangers have is real, and it threatens to destroy something or someone in the Scottish game. This is why our governance have for the first time admitted they’ve made errors, and are comically attributing it to furloughing of their staff.

Secondly, and more intriguingly, the SPFL, like any large body, has a legal overhead for the purpose of funding any issues like these – making a emotional blackmail claim about being unable to afford to fund clubs as promised if legal proceedings are undertaken is a cracking way of trying to fend off the increasingly inevitable.

There is a massive ticking timebomb here, and for the first time the SPFL have stopped with their arrogance and defence of their conduct and are starting to wave a white flag under the weight of the storm Rangers are threatening to send their way.

Whatever the incriminating evidence at Ibrox is, it could be devastating.

Watch this space.

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