Rangers fans make their feelings on Graeme Souness very clear

Rangers fans make their feelings on Graeme Souness very clear

As we know, Graeme Souness has reportedly put his hat in the ring to potentially return to Ibrox on some kind of consulting or advisory capacity.

We asked you yesterday if this is something that interests you, to get back the manager that began the 80s glory.

The answer was absolutely emphatic.

86% of all responses utterly favour his return to Rangers in any role, while just 14% don’t want to see him back.

We’re bewildered by any Rangers fan who wouldn’t want Souness back, and we were certainly interested in the replies to the idea:

The overriding notion of his return would be bringing a born winner to Rangers, someone who truly understands the pressure of this club and has done it at the club himself.

The more winners Rangers have, especially winners who’ve done it before with us, the stronger a position we’ll be in.

Steven Gerrard, let’s not forget, has won absolutely nothing as a manager, and obviously was a complete outsider when he joined – so while he understands pressure in football, he’s not yet experienced in winning at Ibrox, whereas a guy like Souness is.

He’s one we’d definitely love to see back at our club.

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