PSG (and Liverpool) have thoroughly shamed Celtic

PSG (and Liverpool) have thoroughly shamed Celtic

Celtic’s moral integrity took yet another blinding blow after 12-point leading PSG announced disinterest in being awarded the French title in favour of ensuring everyone in France is safe.

France confirmed yesterday all sporting events, including closed door, are banned until later this year, and this naturally includes Ligue 1.

This obviously means the French top flight is cancelled, but instead of PSG demanding the title, given they’re 12 points clear, the Parisian giants, like Liverpool, confirmed they accept the outcome and just want everyone safe.

They said:

“We respect of course the French government decision (to cancel the league) – we plan on competing in the Champions League with Uefa agreement – wherever and whenever it is held. If it is not possible to play in France we will play our matches abroad subject to the best conditions for our players and the safety of all our staff.”

While there remains a little uncertainty in France about how the league will be resolved, at no point have PSG demanded the title. Certainly not their manager, and not their captain.

Compare that with Celtic, who claimed entitlement on the trophy before anything was even decided in the Scottish game.

But it’s ok, because they donated some cash.

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