Park revelations could be set to shatter SPFL

Park revelations could be set to shatter SPFL

Rangers chairman Douglas Park’s recent revelations of evidence with regards the incompetency of the SPFL could be the grenade set to explode Scottish football entirely, if information is to be believed.

The new Rangers boss is under pressure from the media to reveal what he knows, or claims to, but of course, these are legal matters so it’s not like the BMW supremo is just going to send Keech a dodgy email.

Word is Park is waiting for the right moment, biding his time, gathering incriminating evidence before launching the grenade.

Reports suggest he tried to initiate a conversation with SPFL Chief Exec Neil Doncaster but was blanked and rejected, a conversation we’re still unsure ever took place.

But to put it bluntly – Douglas Park’d the bus – he’s digging his heels in and isn’t messing about on this one – and has responded to SPFL counterpart Murdoch MacLennan by questioning the best mate of Dermott Desmond’s partiality and suitability for such a neutral role.

Frankly, it feels like Rangers now have someone fighting the fight for us, and it certainly beats Paul Murray praising the Daily Record’s ‘courageous journalism’ which was a comment we will just never forgive.

Someone on our side taking the fight to those who need held to account, although MD Stewart Robertson did start sticking up for us properly too some many months/year ago by indirectly questioning the partiality of Compliance Officer Clare Whyte.

We will see what develops of this story, but Park doesn’t strike us as the type to be full of bluster – and if he says a whistleblower from inside the game has blown things wide open, we’d take that pretty seriously.

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