Park the bus at Ibrox

Park the bus at Ibrox

So the one topic of major note right now at Ibrox is the transition from the King regime onto the new one.

Whatever happens elsewhere in the world, Rangers have a new chairman albeit only one on an interim basis, and the new incumbent, Douglas Park, has it would be said been primed for this role for a long long time.

Going back decades, the Parks have been synonymous with Rangers, with both their BMW outlet and their buses as evidence of their business success and their ties with Rangers making them natural candidates for a position of importance at Ibrox.

That has now come to pass, with son Graeme remaining in his present position as non-exec director as his dad takes over as effectively top dog at the club.

Let’s not kid ourselves on, the Parks have done well out of Rangers – by securing their place on the board, they monopolised the transport system and now their busses are 100% endorsed – that has been lucrative and profitable.

In truth they secured this exclusivity quite a while ago, even before this present board, but it doesn’t mean they haven’t done right by the club.

The investment, be it soft loans or shares, has continued from them – it is part of responsibility of being on Rangers’ board that you must show financial muscle to help support the club.

And we can honestly say we really don’t have a bad word to say about them overall – and Douglas has confirmed new investment is at an advanced stage, so unless he’s lying, it’s outgone incumbent Dave King who’s been a little loose with the truth.

In truth, do we trust Park? Yes, a lot more than we ever did King.

Park’s track record, Scotland based, is extremely good, and he and his son have been pretty solid board members. We can rely on Park to remain on-site at Ibrox for his entirety rather than the frankly absurd commuting King did.

It’s always better to have the head of your company available 24/7 within the company rather than limited to phone calls.

In short, Park can be hands on and we like that.

There’s much more to discuss about the new era at Ibrox, but for now, at least we can say Park is a name we can trust.

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