Lightning strikes twice at Ibrox

Lightning strikes twice at Ibrox

We won’t be the first Rangers fans to have nightmarish flashbacks last night to 8 years ago, when around the same time of year Rangers players took another wage cut (defer, whatever) in order to preserve the club’s future.

In fairness, the gesture was widely applauded by the fanbase and players like Steven Whittaker and Steven Naismith were praised on social media for showing loyalty and making a huge sacrifice to save the club.

Of course, a press conference and rejected CVA later and we know how that one turned out, but the gesture was the same.

And here we are, deeply different circumstances, a boat in which hundreds of other football clubs find themselves in worldwide, but for Rangers fans it’s history repeating itself as the club commits to a big financial gesture in order to protect its future and that of its lesser-paid employees.

It was a gesture to respect, but the horrible memories of 2012 came bubbling back, when we truly feared we’d lose our club. It really wasn’t nice, and while we can have pride as fans at our club doing the right thing, those echoes of a near-decade ago are not particularly welcome.

Of course, different reasons, and we know that, and Rangers are not alone this time, but it doesn’t make us feel a whole lot better.

This time we hope this doesn’t take a near-decade to recover from again, and with optimism maybe by the depths of autumn normality has possible descended in society and our club – we can hope.

But for now, we must accept the hand we’re dealt.

Just a pity it feels like the second time in 8 years we’ve been given it.

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