Is this the corruption evidence Douglas Park was sitting on?

Is this the corruption evidence Douglas Park was sitting on?

The SPFL’s corruption in their ‘vote’ has been exposed after Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack revealed today the biggest whistleblow yet – that Neil Doncaster instructed him all votes had been received (when they claimed they hadn’t) and he didn’t need to vote.

If Dundee’s vote hadn’t been received, well, you do the maths.

As this sordid corruptionfest enters its latest twist, it becomes clear the SPFL is all of incompetent, unfit for purpose, corrupt and deeply flawed.

Cormack has demanded an independent inquiry after he voted yes, following assurances from the increasingly under-fire Doncaster that the yes vote had already been received, and Mr Cormack could just vote yes as a matter of courtesy.

But of course, Doncaster and chairman Murdoch MacLennan stated clearly that Dundee’s vote did not get received and all we can say is the seedy nature of lies and deceit emanating from the corridors of the SPFL just gets dirtier every passing day.

It’s starting to go into murky legal territory, and we do wonder how long before legal cases start.

This vote has been shambolic, potentially illegal and a complete disgrace.

And Doncaster’s lies have now been publicly exposed.

Douglas Park wasn’t kidding when he said he had evidence.

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