How many Rangers fans want to leave SPFL? Numbers inside…

How many Rangers fans want to leave SPFL? Numbers inside…

As we know, Rangers are well and truly fed up with the current treatment we’re facing in Scotland, under the abysmal SPFL.

The club has made several statements conveying their displeasure at how events are unfolding, and clearly something is brewing.

We do know the story of the club’s intention to quit Scotland and go south is a real one, and has been for years, but latest developments have caused a potential acceleration in these plans and while they may not be feasible, they’re certainly desired.

But do you the fans share the ideology of leaving for England?

Do you want our club to quit the shackles of the SPFL and try to start again down south?

In an Ibrox Noise poll, the numbers were clear.

Of the thousands who pitched in with their vote, 87% of you want Rangers to quit Scotland and try our luck under the authority of the FA.

Only 13% were content to remain here.

Of course, the logistics of such a move would be massive, and the distance might be an issue (although ask Newcastle fans who travel to Bournemouth) but it’s morally what many Rangers fans want.

No doubt about it.

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