Do Rangers miss surprise 2019 departure?

Do Rangers miss surprise 2019 departure?

We’ve been observing some interesting angles from our readers lately, with a lot of varied views about different Rangers elements kicking in ‘thanks’ to this extended hiatus from sport, but one has been about James Tavernier, and his dip in form.

We asked about what ex-players you’d bring back if you could have one, not Gilmour, from the past 7 or so years, and a few suggestions of ex-winger Daniel Candeias surfaced.

Indeed, an opinion we’ve seen has suggested we miss the attacker, and that Tavernier especially does.

In our view, this is about as misty-eyed as it gets for a decent but limited attacker who was wonderful technically-speaking but lacked pace and was extremely inconsistent in delivery. He did provide good switches of play and overlaps with Tavernier, and this did help the captain’s game, but the idea we’re missing the Portuguese omits one drastic plot detail:

We didn’t exactly miss him up till December, when Tavernier and the rest of them were in fine fettle, and even tanked the tims for good measure.

Remember, he left in the summer, and Rangers had had a great season up till January, so that excuse doesn’t wash.

Even Tavernier’s domestic form only started to notably fade from late November onwards, and he’d been without Candeias the whole time.

No, this isn’t a player we miss at all, and we don’t just suddenly miss him now because our form has been poor this year.

It doesn’t really work like that.

Unless, you think we really do?

Do Rangers miss Daniel Candeias?


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