Did Celtic ‘steal’ from Rangers?

Did Celtic ‘steal’ from Rangers?

Article by: Derek

This is a very serious question, but it has to be asked. Did Celtic collude with others to ‘steal’ money from another team?

We are not going to beat about the bush here, but the fact is the Champion’s League is a lucrative tournament. Every single team that gets to the Champions League is guaranteed far more money than any team that goes to the Europa league, and money equates to buying better players. That is a fact.

It is also a fact that there was no reason to make Celtic or Dundee United the champions of their respective leagues in April, unless there was a worry that the entire season was going to be declared void.

If this decision was made to ensure Celtic obtained a seat in the Champions League qualifiers next year, Rangers were potentially financially harmed by this decision, and the financial harm is huge.

Now, Scotland ARE in the top 15 at present which gives us a second UCL spot, so for now Rangers would still get that second slot next season, we think, but with European football halted at present, we have no way of knowing if our rivals can catch/match/overtake that slot in the future. But the guarantee is the champions do get that primary UCL slot.

That makes this a legal problem, because players work for their living, and the final positions from one season are extremely important for determining how many good players a team can buy for the next season.

As we said in an earlier article this Champions league, with its guaranteed mega-money prize and parachute into the Europa League, was never meant to be fair to anyone other than the champions, and being equally blunt, this is all about money. Football is a business, run by businessmen, and when decisions are made about money we the fans have the absolute right to know how these decisions are made.

The problem that the SPFL has is there is now a very bad smell about this decision. If there was not one single offer of a guaranteed promotion, to a team seeking to get back into the Premiership, then that’s fine. We can say all the teams made their decisions only on what was best for Scottish football.

However, if a team was guaranteed a promotion, just to ensure another team was declared Champions of Scotland, to guarantee them a position at the very lucrative Champions League, then that is corruption.

At this point only an independent investigation can uncover the truth.

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